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Directing. The Company

DIRECTING a high technology company specialized in big data analytics, is active in knowledge creation and management since 1997 and has created a chapter of experience and expertise in:

  i.     Business Analysis: understanding of business goals in high competitive sectors such as retail, finances, industry, health, insurance, etc...

ii.     Business Intelligence Strategy: design and creation of a Business Intelligence Strategy aligned with each enterprise business objectives.

iii.     Big Data Intelligent Solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence, open source (Java SDK), running in any operational environment, even with multiple systems, processing both quantitative and qualitative data on line and in real time.

The main advantage of our solutions, continuously supported by our R&D Dept, is that can be adapted in any requirement conceptual or/and technical and can operate in cloud environment and/or in memory database. Also every solution can be enriched by our huge experience in machine learning application.

Our solutions, scalable and adaptable to specific requirements of each enterprise, compared to other available on the market is that users can operate just a single big data solution for any tasks that are associated with data analysis and data management.



Directing. Intelligence in Business

Today an enterprise is evolving into a complex economic, social and business environment, co existing with suppliers, producers, competitors, other stakeholders and customers.
Global trends of production and distribution in one hand, business dependence on technology evolution on the other (Internet of things, Cloud and Smart Systems) are leading into an era where people, machines, devices, sensors, and businesses must all be connected and be able  to interact with each another.

A new paradigm of doing business is necessary, the creation of an Enterprise Ecosystem that will offer an operational and profitable symbiotic relationship between an enterprise and its environment.

In this context a modern Enterprise must create a business strategy development (linear model) being sensitive in same time to internal and external changes (non linear model)


Knowledge is not only vital for the enterprise profitability but integral part of its core business process no matter the sector of its operability.

Business Intelligence as entity that process information, transforms information into knowledge, must be in the centre of Business and Technology unified conceptual and operational processes. 

DIRECTINGs' mission is the design of Business Intelligence strategy as  part of business engineering and the creation of solutions offering to users that have not necessarily a statistical background to assess and understand the identified patterns