Solutions based on Machine Learning

i_SCRIPTA. Text Mining Suite that performs

Term analysis: identifies the terms in a document, where a term may consist of one or more words. This is especially useful for documents that contain many complex multi-word terms

Fact extraction: identifies and extracts complex facts from documents. Such facts could be relationships between entities or event

Content management : classifies content. Instead of applying categories manually, the text mining engine does it automatically.

Digital Intelligence :  allows to discover patterns and associations between texts providing logical meaning able to be used in social and commercial actions


i_SONE. Social Network Analyzer that performs

Community Structure Detection Evolution Evaluation identifying communities on social networks, how they
evolve, and evaluating identified communities, often
evolve, and evaluating identified communities, often without ground truth.

Sentiment analysis Identifying collectively subjective information, (positive and negative), from social media.

Location-based Social Network Mining Human Mobility for Personalized POI Recommendation on Location-based Social Networks.




INTELLIGENT OCR is an automated system for processing paper forms of Greek writing of any kind. It consists of two parts; the general part of the preprocessing and the main part of the recognition.

Specifically, the pretreatment includes correction of the angle of deflection of the document; locate the manuscript page, writing skew correction and segmentation into words.

Regarding the recognition we selected recognition by segmentation into characters as opposed to holistic systems that make word recognition without segmentation

Finally, the verification process by crossing with dictionaries or other rules, eg equation for AFM, increases the accuracy of the system during the export of data so the client can now easily confirm it by pressing a button.





DiRECTING has created PLANNER CRM, which can be  installed on platforms Oracle or MS SQL Server. It is an intelligent Web Based application that manages logistics, customer information, sales, marketing campaigns, customer responses, questionnaires-complaints-customer comments, etc..

PLANNER CRM offers :

1. Full CRM Management. Access to all information relating both to individual customers and to customers who obey criteria set by the user, as well as to stock stores, product sales, etc...

 2. SQL Statements. Ability to design queries without restrictions and without prior knowledge of SQL syntax, through handy tool box in order to create a list which is either exported to a file or passed to a second phase of statistical analysis. It can also be stored as a temporary file and withdrawn so that combined with other searches

3. Statistical Analysis. PLANNER offers all statistical analyzes as in OLAP cubes

4. Reporting tools. PLANNER offers reports that can be designed by each user

PLANNER is the only CRM Contact Management & Analytical System is dynamic and shaped by the user according to their needs and requirements.


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